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Recuperation and prevention of chronic gastritis. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the word home care has come into people's life. It requires people not only to pay attention to exercise, but also to pay attention to the daily life, diet, work and rest. Having a comprehensive knowledge of home care is a major guarantee of health. Then how can we do a good job of home care? Following the short edition I hope you can help us.



(1) increase the body's resistance and exercise the ability to adapt to environmental changes.



(two) do a good job in life management, pay attention to diet hygiene and ensure good health.



(three) avoid or reduce food that is irritating to the stomach.



(four) timely and proper treatment of acute gastritis.



(five) remove the infected focus (mouth, nose, throat).



People often say that "people eat grains and grains, which can be free from disease". The gastric mucosa is rich in blood vessels and has the function of storing, digesting and transporting food. Therefore, eating disorders is an important factor causing stomach disease. Chronic gastritis is a very common gastrointestinal disease. Non-specific inflammation of gastric mucosa is the main pathological change. According to the histological changes of gastric mucosa, it can be divided into three types: superficial, atrophic and hypertrophic. Common clinical symptoms are: epigastric pain, frequent belching, pantothenic acid, loss of appetite, emaciation, diarrhea and other diseases. Because dietary factors play an important role in the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis, good dietary habits are the key to prevent and treat gastritis, which is different from other diseases. Generally speaking, the following points should be taken when eating. Chronic gastritis should be cured by half.



It should be slow. Chewing slowly can reduce the stimulation of rough food on gastric mucosa.



Proper Festival. Diet should be rhythmic. Avoid overeating and eating without timing.



It is good to clean. Pay attention to diet hygiene and eliminate the damage of external microbes to gastric mucosa.



It should be fine. Try to eat foods that are delicate, easy to digest and nutritious.



It should be light. Eat less fat, sweet, thick, greasy, spicy food, less alcohol and strong tea.



Prevention and treatment of chronic gastritis



Dietary considerations for chronic gastritis:



The incidence of chronic gastritis is closely related to dietary habits, such as: long-term excessive drinking, strong tea, coffee, long-term excessive consumption of hot pepper, mustard and other irritating condiments. More importantly, unreasonable eating habits, such as not eating on time or breakfast, blindly weight loss control meals or binge eating make gastric mucosa damage. The main symptoms are abdominal fullness, belching, acid regurgitation, nausea, heartburn, dull pain, loss of appetite and so on. Therefore, reasonable diet conditioning is of great importance in the prevention and treatment of chronic gastritis. Of course, once the patient has acute gastritis, it should be promptly cured to prevent conversion to chronic gastritis.



Principles of diet therapy



Food should be regularly quantified: three meals a day should be eaten on time, and should not be overeaten. A small meal can be served between meals, but not too much to avoid eating.



Pay attention to soft, rotten, digestion: edible staple food, vegetables and fish and other meat, especially beans, peanuts and other hard fruits should be boiled thoroughly, cooked to make it soft rotten, easy to digest and absorb, eat less coarse and coarse fiber food, require food to work carefully, rich in nutrition.



Keep fresh and light: all kinds of food should be fresh and should not be eaten for too long. Eat fresh and low fiber vegetables and fruits, such as wax gourd, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach leaves, cabbage, apples, pears, bananas, oranges, etc. Eat light, less oily meals. Light diet is not only easy to digest and absorb, but also conducive to the recovery of stomach diseases.



Pay attention to cooking methods: suitable cooking methods are steaming, boiling, braising, stewing, braising, and cooking. It is not advisable to use such cooking methods as frying, frying, smoking and baking, because the dishes processed by these methods are not easy to digest and the body is difficult to absorb.



Don't forget dietary taboos: patients with chronic gastritis should avoid strong liquor (other alcoholic drinks should also drink less or not), cigarettes, strong tea, coffee, pepper, mustard and other irritating condiments. Should not eat too sweet, too salty, too thick, too cold, too hot, too sour soup and dishes, in order to prevent damage to the gastric mucosa. Large quantities of carbonated drinks can also cause varying degrees of damage to the gastric mucosa.



Family nursing as a vocabulary of great concern at present, Chinese medicine experts from the above several aspects to everyone made an introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of family nursing should be different from people to choose their own nursing methods is the kingly way. Finally, Xiaobian wishes that everyone can have a healthy body.