五项户外运动 非常适合这个秋季
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As the weather gets cooler, people realize that autumn has arrived, the hot summer is over, and people don't have to endure the hot weather; and some outdoor sports are becoming popular, such as mountain climbing, walking, walking, cycling, playing badminton, these five outdoor sports are very suitable for this autumn!



Mountain climbing



Outdoor sports, mountain climbing



The autumn weather is beginning to get cooler and cooler, and the best outdoor sport for this windy season is mountain climbing. Climbing in this season, not only can avoid the scorching sun in summer, enjoying the gentle sunshine exercise, but also in the process of climbing can breathe the mountain fresh air, away from the noise of life, people feel relaxed and happy. It's worth mentioning that one of the most important things about mountain climbing is that it can also help people lose weight and lose weight, and help people re-shape their slim bodies.



In recent years, mountain climbing has gradually become a fashionable outdoor sport for weight loss in autumn. Many MMs like to lose weight through this outdoor sport after a week of busy work. Climbing a mountain can lose weight, mainly because when climbing a mountain, as the height of climbing increases, the body's blood circulation will continue to accelerate, which can speed up the body's metabolic function, will quickly throw off the autumn fat. In addition, during the climbing process, the climbing movement can also make the muscles of the whole body can exercise, so that the muscles of the whole body become more tight, thus creating a slim figure curve.



Although mountain climbing is a slimming and stress-reducing exercise, but also pay attention to some details when climbing, so as to ensure the safety of the climbing process. Before climbing, first choose a comfortable pair of climbing shoes, and the best is to wear sports clothes to climb, which can reduce the probability of accidents. Besides, it's best not to climb mountains in the morning or evening when the temperature is low, which can be dangerous. Of course, there is plenty of water to be prepared before climbing to make sure you can replenish your body in time.



Take a walk



Outdoor sports two, take a walk



Walking is one of the most common and affordable ways to lose weight, especially in autumn, when cool weather makes walking a pleasure. In modern times, many MM have developed a good habit of walking after meals. Walking can throw off the fat quickly, mainly because it can help effectively digest food, but also can speed up blood circulation, so that the metabolic function of high-speed operation, so that excess fat quickly consumed.



But many MM complain that walking does not seem to be very effective for losing weight. In fact, if the time and speed of the walk is not accurately grasped, not only can not play a slimming effect, but also may allow leg muscle protrusion. Therefore, when walking, it is best to master the time and speed of walking. In general, the best time to walk is to stay around an hour at a time, so the effect on fat consumption will be more obvious. In addition, the pace of walking is at the pace of ordinary walking. Moreover, this walking weight loss method will have good results if it persists for a long time.



Step on it



Outdoor sports three, go fast.



Walking is obviously different from walking. Walking is to exercise for a certain period of time through the usual walking speed, so as to speed up the circulation of blood. But brisk walking is a short-term exercise at a faster pace, and this exercise can lose weight, mainly through brisk walking so that the muscles continue to fully exercise, so that fat into energy to maintain the normal running of brisk walking, so that fat can be quickly depleted.



The cool weather in autumn is a good time to go. Walking in the autumn can not only achieve the function of losing weight, but also play a significant role in physical fitness. Moreover, this way will be more popular with MM in the autumn because of effective short time sports. Generally speaking, fast walking takes only half an hour to lose weight, and in the process of fast walking, the fat on both legs and arms can be swiftly thrown away, thus creating tight lines on both legs and arms. So, for MM who wants to lose weight quickly, it's a good way to go fast in autumn.



Ride on a bicycle



Outdoor sports four, cycling



Cycling in autumn is a combination of entertainment and sports. And in the fall, MMs can not only ride bicycles to exercise to lose weight, but also can ride bicycles at work time, so that you can lose weight and go to work without fail. In addition, after a week of busy work, you can also ride a bicycle to the countryside to take a trip, so that you can also relax their mood, relieve their pressure. So riding a bike is really a way of getting plenty of exercise.